Our 3D-custom bra is crafted to fit each breast with sustainable underfits.

Comfort First.
A comfortable, convenient way to find your perfect bra fit

No more sizes

Our BreastID tech takes a 3D scan of your breasts and creates a bra that is perfectly tailored to your body.

Goodbye to fitting rooms

With a bra meant to fit you and ONLY you, you can skip the need to try on multiple bras. We’ll have your perfect match read.

Ultimate comfort

Our bras feature a front-fastening design, ultra-soft fabric, and flexible UnderFits shaped just for you.

Your sustainable bra with underfits.

Each bra is made from 75% recycled plastic bottles, and we only produce what we need.

enabled design.

First up, the scan.

After purchasing your bra, you create a 3D scan using our patented technology. No pictures, only data points.


Next, we generate.

The scan allows us to generate your 3D custom support (which is removable) for each of your breasts.


Finally, we create.

We fuse the different parts of your Fusion bra to create the magical bra meant to fit you, and only you.

What more can we say?
Our customers are raving about us.
Hear from some of our muses.


Boobylicious all the time

I've been wearing the brand for quite some time now. It doesn't dig into the skin, it holds my tits greatly, and I just feel boobylicious all the time when I wear it.