Fusion Bra


Product Description
No more searching how to find bra size! Forget the common, everyday bras you see on the market. Wearebraave offers you a 3D custom-made product made to your specific shape without irritating underwire.

  • Designed based on your unique measurements
  • Requires a 3D scan completed on an iPhone X and above
  • Created using Sustainable Recycled Fabric OEKO-TEX
  • Available with Gift Card
  • Includes removable 3D printed Underfit supports
What's an underfit? 🛈

How does Braave Work?
Order. Scan. Delivered. Voila.

Order your Fusion Bra

You’ve purchased your Fusion Bra – the reengineered bra for breast health and comfort. The bra contains 3D printed Underfits for maximum support. Let’s create those custom supports and perfectly sized cups. Check your email for next steps.

Download the BreastID

Your confirmation email will include a link to download BreastID, our measurement app, so you can create your unique BreastPrint. The BreastID app is highly secure. No pictures. No faces. Just your fully encrypted, anonymous BreastPrint.

Ready to Wear

After your scan is sent and verified, we’ll begin the process of creating your bra’s underfits and ensuring the shapes match the provided scan. Once your bra is created, we’ll be sure to ship it out as quickly as possible, and your new and versatile bra will be ready to launch!
What should I expect?
All of the bras components, explained.

Image shows bra components, but final product is shipped fully assembled