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Fusion is custom-fit to support you, no matter the shape, size, or symmetry of your breasts. No restrictive sizing. No irritating underwire.

Add custom underfit support  

  • BreastID  Designed from your breastprint
  • Available on iPhone X or above
  • Sustainable Recycled Fabric OEKO-TEX
  • Gift  Available with Gift Card

Made for your breast shape. No standardized bra sizes.
Front-fastening to relieve pressure on your back and protect your spine.
Individually shaped left cup, right cup and back pieces.
How does Braave work?
Order your FusionBra

Depending on your needs, choose FusionBra – the reengineered bra for breast health and comfort – or FusionBra + 3D-printing for additional support and full customization.

Download BreastID

Your order confirmation email will include a link to download BreastID, our measurement app, so you can take your BreastPrint from the comfort of your home. The BreastID app is highly secure. No pictures. No faces. Just your fully encrypted, anonymous BreastPrint.

Receive your Fusion

If you ordered the Fusion Bra only, your order will be shipped within a week. For FusionBra + 3D-printed support customers, we will print your custom UnderFits on-demand, which you will then insert into your FusionBra.


Embrace your body.

Expand your being.

Image shows bra components, but final product is shipped fully assembled

Designed from your BreastPrint on the BreastID app

3D-printed in Paris, LA, or NY depending on your location.

Each cup comes custom for each of your breasts, because just like humans, no two are alike!

Made-to-measure for each breast

Underwires suck.
We re-engineered them for your comfort

Forget underwires that poke you and dig into your breasts. We created custom, 3D-printed UnderFits to support each breast perfectly.

Braave Voices

George Ka

Support without conforming

I don't really recognize myself in the bra of other brands. I was fed up with putting on anything, but sometimes I need something that is also functional. Braave offers support that is modern and doesn't conform to the male gaze aesthetic.

Full Traceability
Our Fabric is produced in a factory that owns :
1. The Tessile e Salute certificate, which deals with eco-toxicology in the Textile and Fashion sectors by monitoring and evaluating the various phases of the entire production chain that makes an article.

2. The Traceability and Fashion certification, issued by Unioncamere, which grants the client the opportunity to check, per each item bought form us, the origin of the yarn and of the creation of the fabric. 

No Chemicals
There are no chemical treatments applied to our fabrics. They are finished them steam in order to protect the fibers and maintain their properties. We use reactive, certified non-toxic dyings , and dying techniques which require less water, even recycle it, in short dying cycles · 

Recycled Fabric
Our Fabric is made with PerPETual polyester, a yarn made out of post-consumer PET bottles, certifed according to GRS and OEKO-Tex, that has the following features:
1. Superior recycling process
2. Energy conservation
3. Reduced water consumption
4. Reduced carbon footprint

A word from Braave's Founder

Claire Chabaud

I experienced bullying as a teenager, leading to major insecurities about my body image. After years of hoping that the taunting would go away if I just hid my body a little longer, I recognized that my story is far too common. So in 2016, I set out on a mission to enable other women to overcome their insecurities by embracing their bodies. With the advice of the Founder of Makerbot and CEO of Wonderbra, Braave was born.

Claire Chabaud

Braave's Chief Executive Officer