3D Bust

Your Breasts are a piece of art. With your 3D-printed bust, you can —finally— celebrate their beauty every day (Or maybe gift someone else to do it?)

  • BreastID  Use our iPhone app
  • Available for iPhone X and beyond
  • No pictures taken
  • Full encryption
  • 3 different sizes
  • Gift  Available with Gift Card


Cool, right?

Imagine gifting it to a person you love.

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How to get your own 3D-printed bust.
Place your order online

Add the number of Busts you would like to be 3D-printed and go through the check-out!

Download Breast ID

Your order confirmation email will include a link to download BreastID, our scanning app, so you can get your breastprint from the comfort of your home. BreastID app is highly secure. No pictures. No faces. Just your fully encrypted, anonymous breastprint.

Receive your 3D-printed Bust

3D printing takes a little time, so you’ll receive your beautiful bust 3 weeks after you submit your scan from the BreastID app.


Turn your breasts into an art piece

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