Custom 3D Bust

€35,00  - €50,00

Your Breasts are a piece of art. With your 3D-printed bust, you can celebrate their beauty every day.

  • Designed based on your unique measurements
  • Three sizes available - small, medium and large
  • Available with Gift Card

How the Bust is Created
Download BreastID
Download the BreastID app. After purchasing, you’ll receive a confirmation email that with a unique code that enables you to complete your scan.

Complete your scan
Scan away! Make sure that your scan looks similar to the visual on the left - a full 360 view, no holes and your face and arms should not be visible.

Creation mode
Once submitted, our engineers will be hard at work to create your 3D printed bust. It will take about 3 weeks, but we promise to keep you updated along the way.

Send as a Gift

Cool right? Imagine sending this beauty to a loved one.