We ground ourselves in radical respect.
We believe in the three homes: your body, your spirit, and our planet. We design long-lasting products that are shaped by your body so that your spirit can expand.

We believe in empowerment through action.
Building a just society starts with being the change that we want to see – not just what social trends say is progressive. Inclusion is not about making everyone fit in the same bra, it's about making a bra that fits everyone.

We grow through wonder and innovation.
Challenging the beauty standards, racism, sexism, transphobia, and ecological disregard that have become the status quo requires unrelenting curiosity, optimism, and love. Plus a bit of brainpower 😉

Our Story

In 2016, our founder set out to enable women to take up more space by embracing their real bodies

Braave was conceived in Nice, France, along the same blue shores that inspired the visionary artists Yves Klein and Henri Matisse. While the heat of this small, summer town makes letting your breasts breathe a no-brainer, sometimes gravity gets the best of us, and we simply need some support.

But for centuries breasts have been stigmatized, sexualized, and forced to fit into sizes and shapes that only suit the male gaze. So, after seeing the exact same bra with the exact same \"size\" sold in Paris and Shanghai to very differently shaped women, our founder realized that a better sized bra was not the answer. It was getting rid of sizes altogether.

Because breasts are shapes, not sizes. And no two are alike! That's why Braave's mission is to empower our individual bodies. Forget thinking outside the box. We are eradicating the box altogether by centering the conversation on what really matters: your individuality, your humanity, and your breasts' best support.

Our Team


Alex is an OG geek, gamer, and computer genius who started coding before Madonna started wearing cone bras. He’s the mastermind behind all of our incredible tech.


Alexa is our operations expert. She went to summer camp for "flying trapeze," and we're sure there's a pun there for how she keeps things airborne with precision and grace.


Monique is our master storyteller and cultural attaché. She translates the team’s crazy ideas/Claire’s French into impactful statements that inspire as much as our bras do.


Abi is our UX designer, the voice behind our chat bot, the reason everything flows nice and easy, and our most stylish ball of sunshine.


Magali is our Designer/Fairy Godmother/Breast Expert. Every bra we sell started off in Magali’s atelier, where she still builds the first bras designs by hand.


Claire's grandma! We just love her. We can't say any of this would have happened without her...