Welcome Braave Soul

Enchantés! We are a (French) company whose mission is to empower women’s bodies because breasts are shapes and not sizes. We build Bras and Art for you, based on your own beautiful and unique figure using our patented 3D printing technology and sustainable materials.

So you embrace your body and expand your being.

I'll let you discover what your special person gift you below, and meanwhile:

Welcome to the Braavest family there is!


Claire, Founder of Braave

Download BreastID

Your order short-code is:
Use it in BreastID to login and upload your scan.

Your unique 3D-printed Bust
Yes, you are not dreaming. You are literally going to turn your body into the real piece of art it is.

Your Custom-fit Bra
The best support your breasts can ask for. Your bra custom-made from each of them, using 3D printing.

You’ve received your gift card. Now what?
Download BreastID

Now that you’ve gotten the best gift ever, the first step is to download and complete a scan in BreastID from the App Store, and we’ll take care of the rest. Important — you need to log in with your email linked to the gift card.

Your BreastPrint Transforms

Once you’ve done your scan, we’ll use your BreastPrint (your unique scan) to create your gift.

We 3D-print your Underfits

If they’re included in your gift, we’ll 3D print custom UnderFits for extra support (because underwires suck).

We 3D-print your Bust

We launch of 3D-printers to create the Art piece made from your unique Breasts shape - en garde Vénus de Milo!

We 3D-print your Bust

We launch of 3D-printers to create the Art piece made from your unique Breasts shape - en garde Vénus de Milo!


You're all set!

And that’s it! Your bra will take anywhere between 3 and 4 weeks to be created, customized and then shipped from either our LA, NY or Paris office, so be sure to check your email. Questions still? Feel free to ask our chat bot Abby OR reach out to us at claire@wearebraave.co

Download BreastID

Embrace your body.

Welcome to Fusion.

This is not the product you will receive but a picture showing how it is built

Designed from your BreastPrint on the BreastID app

3D-printed in Paris, LA, or NY depending on your location.

Each cup comes custom for each of your breasts, because just like humans, no two are alike!

Made-to-measure for each breast

Underwires suck.
We re-engineered them for your comfort

Forget underwires that poke you and dig into your breasts. We created custom, 3D-printed UnderFits to support each breast perfectly.

Made for your breast shape. No standardized bra sizes.
Front-fastening to relieve pressure on your back and protect your spine.
Individually shaped left cup, right cup and back pieces.

Braave Voices

George Ka

Love it to death !

So easy. Quick, simple and easy. Fusion's unique 3D process measures you and creates a bra deliberately designed to make you love your breasts so much that you feel better about not wearing one. I have one, and I love it to death!

A word from Braave's Founder

Claire Chabaud

I experienced bullying as a teenager, leading to major insecurities about my body image. After years of hoping that the taunting would go away if I just hid my body a little longer, I recognized that my story is far too common. So in 2016, I set out on a mission to enable other women to overcome their insecurities by embracing their bodies. With the advice of the Founder of Makerbot and CEO of Wonderbra, Braave was born.

Claire Chabaud

Braave's Chief Executive Officer